A Visit to Wrixhill Dairy

The Vennings at Wrixhill Dairy

This summer a window of opportunity arose for a family escape to Devon – much-needed breaks seem few and far between for us farmers!

Not wishing to stray too far from the world of goats, however, we used the opportunity to pop in on a fellow goat farming family, The Vennings at Wrixhill Dairy.

The family there are renowned for their wonderful Goat milk produce, milking over 200 goats each day to produce some delicious goat milk, cheese and clotted cream.

In fact, they are the only commercial producers of goat milk Clotted Cream in the whole of the UK – and we are thrilled to be one of their retailers here at The Gourmet Goat Farmer.

The family, along with children William and Isabella, were very pleased to show us around their farm, meeting their goats and learning more about the processes involved in producing their Halloumi, Ricotta and Clotted Cream.

For example, to make goats milk halloumi – a process they tried and tested with no expert help! – they mix the goat milk with vegan rennet, heat then cut the curds. The curds are then pressed to form the cheese block before being heated again prior to cooling, finishing and packaging. Phew!


If you would like to try any of the highly-acclaimed Wrixhill dairy Halloumi, Ricotta or Clotted Cream, please email us to check our stock for shopping from our farm or from our upcoming events.

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