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About Us

About Us

Our Goats

Our pride and effort is centred around our breeding Does of Boer goats. In nurturing their needs, we can depend on them to rear their young as nature intended. The strong mothering instincts of the Doe, ensure her kids are never without and that they thrive suckling their mother’s milk for as long as she feels is needed. In rearing our animals we believe the importance of family unity and the security this gives the herd. A unique bond develops and we see relationships that depend on one another, creating a sense of calm and contentment. Browsing on our untouched pastures and hedgerows, our herd naturally look for refuge indoors when the weather turns. With spacious, comfortable housing, purposefully built, our animals seek this safe and protected environment to shelter from the unpredictable British weather. Taking pride in growing as much of the goats diet as possible on the farm, in the height of summer we make any surplus grass into hay. We store it ready for feeding the goats when sheltering inside, so there is always the best summer kissed meadow grass to eat whatever the weather!

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Space for Nature

In 2012, we became one of 42 members to be part of a ground-breaking, policy changing project, farming on a landscape scale for conservation, which today is called the Marlborough Downs Nature Enhancement Partnership or “Space for Nature”.

With over 83% of the UK population living in urban areas we feel we have a responsibility to open our doors and educate the general public to farming. We welcome small organised groups to the farm throughout the year, and have hosted Open Farm Sunday numerous years, showcasing our work and that of neighbouring farmers.


Gourmet Goat Farmer

The Gourmet Goat Farmer is a new exciting venture for us, enabling us to apply our farming knowledge to raising goat meat, utilising our ancient pasture and modern buildings.


Our Animals

Our animals have always been an extension of our family, and we take pride in playing an active part in our local community, improving the biodiversity of our farmland and educating the general public.


Pedigree Boer Goats

In 2017, the first arrival of our Pedigree Boer goats saw a new chapter begin. Joining our Noremead family of animals which also includes a herd of White Park Cattle.