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Your Questions Answered

All of our meat comes from 20 small, family run farms based in Dorset and Wiltshire that use traditional methods of animal husbandry in a natural and biodiverse growing environment and allow their animals to grow at a natural pace. There’s nothing we enjoy more than spreading the word and answering any and all your questions. If we don’t answer your questions below please feel free to contact us.

Is Your Meat Organic?

The short answer is no but we think we go further than the organic tag allows. Our farmers have not applied for organic certification as they don’t need to. We believe that the organic label does not go as far as it could, and that our meat is equally as good as that with the organic tag.

General Questions

Where does your meat come from?

50% of our meat comes from our own farm based in Wiltshire, the rest is sourced from family run farms in the South West of England. We all use traditional methods of animal husbandry in a natural and biodiverse growing environment allowing our animals to grow at a natural pace.

Is your meat grass-fed and free-range and what do your animals eat?

A mixture of Hay, grass, wildflowers and locally grown barley mix.

When you say ethically reared, what do you actually mean?

We only work with farmers who prioritise animal welfare.

Do you just sell goat meat?

No, The Gourmet Goat Farmer offers a wide variety of other products – check out our category pages for our latest offerings. Our only stipulation is that all our products are locally sourced and high quality. (Currently our meat products are dispatched frozen – they will still be frozen when they are delivered so can be put straight into your freezer or defrosted and used that day).

Is your meat Halal?

None of our meat is finished following Halal processes.

Do you have your own abattoir?

No. We use small, farm-scale, local abattoirs that are within a very short distance to us thereby reducing travelling time.

Do you offer Gift services?

Yes we do, if your order is a gift please let us know, we can pop a note in with the delivery and remove all prices from the items.

Delivery Questions

How much is the delivery charge?

For orders under £40.00 it’s £12.50.

For orders above £40.00, delivery is at a reduced cost of £7.50.

What days do you deliver on?

We deliver across mainland UK every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

We need you to place your order with us 4 days before it is scheduled for delivery.

We’ve put together a little table that sets out our order deadlines. You can of course order as far ahead as you may wish by selecting any future delivery date to suit you. 

What time will my order arrive?

We work with APC who will deliver your order to you up to 5.00p.m (or later) on your delivery day.

Do I have to be at home on the day you deliver?

No. Just let us know where you want the box left when you place your order. You can do this in the section called “Delivery Instructions”. Somewhere safe would be good, a porch, shed or garage.

If you prefer, we can deliver it to you at work, just let us know.

Do we have to sign up to a regular order?

You can order as a one-off, or as often as suits you.

When is the order deadline?

We need you to place your order with us 4 days before it is scheduled for delivery.
Have a look at the table to check your delivery day:

Order By

Delivered On


Either the following, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday by 5.00 p.m.


Either the following, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday by 5.00 p.m.

Sunday by 10.00 p.m.

Either the following, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday by 5.00 p.m.

Monday by 10.00p.m.

The following Thursday or Friday by 5.00 p.m.

Tuesday by 10.00 p.m.

The following Friday by 5.00 p.m.


Either the following, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday by 5.00 p.m.


Either the following, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday by 5.00 p.m.

Why do you have a 4 day order deadline?

It allows us time to process your order, book the courier and ensures that any fresh items are delivered with the longest possible date.

Do I keep my empty box and ice packs?

The ice packs make great bottle coolers!

Cooking Goat?

All new orders are sent out with a leaflet advising you on the best way to cook different cuts of goat to ensure you get the full potential out of your meat.


The Farmshop

We have The Larder on the farm, where you can purchase all your goat produce, gifts and enjoy a light lunch or refreshments.

The Larder

Still Have Questions?

If there is a problem with your order, before you have been notified about dispatch, please call us on 01672 539510 quoting your name and order number.

Contact Us

Goat Meat

Our goat meat comes from right here on our Avebury farm, nestled in the rolling Marlborough Downs in Wiltshire.

Our goats are farm-reared, staying with their mothers who lovingly rear them within the herd, leading to relaxed and content goats who get the very best from grazing our ancient, untouched pastures.

We work with local butchers to provide the highest quality meat cuts and joints. If you would like any specific cuts or combinations, please do contact us to discuss your requirements.

Diced & Minced

Our diced meat is perfect for cooking slowly as part of a warming Goat Curry, whilst our mince is ideal for homemade meatballs, koftes or moussaka.

Shoulder & Leg

Shoulder is best cooked slowly in a little liquid. The leg can be cooked as whole joint, diced for BBQ skewers or cut into tender chump steaks.

Loin & Breast

The loin is best cooked simply to appreciate its tenderness and flavours. Breast meat is perfect minced for burgers, koftes, pie or meatballs.

Rack & Cutlets

Cooked whole as a roast or cut into 7 individual cutlets and fried, grilled or griddled, the rack provides some of the most delicious meat.


Our delicious burgers are made from the best prime meat, so you can be sure of getting the juciest, finest quality burgers every time.


The lower leg of the goat, the shank is best cooked slowly, for meat that falls off of the bone and is delicious and tender, perfect for a roast.

Goat loin joint meat

Complementary Produce

Goats Cheese

We are pleased to supply a range of delicious and award-winning goats cheese from suppliers including Norton & Yarrow and Sharpham, including traditional goats cheese, blue cheese and halloumi.

Ready Meals

Pre-prepared goat-based ready meals that you can enjoy with ease at home. Our locally prepared, delicious meals include Goat Curry, Goat Lasagne and Goats Cheese Tarts.

Clotted Cream

100% goats milk clotted cream, straight from the farm at Wrixhill Dairy. They are the only retail producer of goats milk clotted cream, providing tasty and fresh cream that is perfect for cakes and scones!

Goat Curry Spice Blend

Our authentic Goat Curry spice blend brings you all the flavours of the Carribean with none of the fuss. Simply marinate your diced goat then cook slowly for a delicious taste of true goat curry.

Soaps & Lotions

Produced by independent retailer The Little Goat Soap Co., these soothing soaps and lotions are made from goats milk, gentle on delicate skin and ideal for conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Other produce

We also sell a range of local and delicious produce including chutneys, crackers to complement our range of goats cheeses.

We also sell Wiltshire honey and rapeseed oil.

Goats cheese

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