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We are big advocates of doing very little and cooking the meat very simply, in order to appreciate its true flavour. You can substitute any lamb/mutton recipe with goat/kid meat and be suitably impressed. We are always happy to discuss recipe ideas with our customers, and in fact encourage you to do so when ordering, so we can ensure you get the best cut and age of animal for your dish.

Spicy Sausages with Beans & Red Onion Marmalade

The Gourmet Goat Farmer’s Merguez Sausages are perfect for this recipe.

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goatherd pie

Paul Hollywood’s goat-herd pie

This recipe uses goat meat for a leaner version of a traditional shepherd’s pie that’s very tasty indeed.

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goat meatballs

Goat meatballs – two ways

These delicious meatballs work well with some rice and vegetables or in a flatbread with salad, hot sauce and yoghurt.

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braised goat

Braised goat’s neck with mole puy lentils

This tasty recipe by Millie McLuskie is inspired by the Mexican mole sauce, cooked low and slow with flavours of dark chocolate.

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goat kibbe

Goat kibbe and potato tray bake with tomato & pomegranate coulis

This delicious dish for 4-6 people comes from our wonderful friends at My Daily Grub.

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Jamaican Curry Goat

This recipe from our friends at Spice Kitchen showcases authentic Jamaican flavours with that well-known spicy kick.

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Nepali goat curry

Nepali Goat Curry

A traditional, warming curry, perfect with steamed rice and pickles.

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Slow Braised Goat, Fig & Walnuts with Orzo & Brown Rice

Intensely rich and comforting, this slow cook recipe comes from Millie McLuskie.

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goat chop loin

‘Double beurre noisette’ goat loin chop

Enjoy a tender goat chop in a sweet, nutty sauce with this recipe by Millie McLuskie.

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Goat & Apricot Tagine

A Moroccan inspired dish that’s warming and delicious

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Goat’s Cheese & Thyme Stuffed Chicken

Simple & delicious, perfect with our quality soft goat’s cheeses.

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Spicy Shepherd’s Pie

This recipe offers a spiced goat meat alternative to traditional shepherd’s pie.

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slow cooked joint

Slow-cooked goat joint
with mint & cumin

This is a fantastic feast for 6-8 people. Marinade the meat overnight if you can or for at least 4 hours.

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Elderberry Goat

Take a trip back in time and ‘Eat like a Viking’ with this recipe from The Saxon Forager.

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Goat Biryani

This curry house favourite is meant to be shared. It’s real crowd pleaser that’s well worth the effort.

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Pinnekjot, made from the belly ribs, is so delicious it’s often eaten for Christmas dinner in Norway. Try this version from The Saxon Forager.

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