At The Gourmet Goat Farmer, we know that you’ll want your goat goodies straight away. We instruct next-day delivery for all of our parcels so that you can enjoy your selection as soon as possible.

Our products are available for nationwide delivery to arrive every Thursday if ordered before 11:59 pm on Sunday evening. If you live locally, we also provide local collection or farm collection, all for your convenience.

Meat Delivery

When packaging and delivering our range of goat meats, we often send our meat products frozen to ensure that the product remains at its highest quality for forty-eight hours. This is to give your meat the longest shelf-life and ensure that even if (rare) delays that are out of our control occur, your delicious goat meat is unaffected and remains perfect, all the way from us, to you.

Shipping Fees

Our refrigerated delivery is available in the United Kingdom at a price of £12.50. Our delivery price for the smaller, non-perishable products is £4.50, and this option is also available nationwide.


To place an order here with us at The Gourmet Goat Farmer, all you have to do is explore our online shop. Choose from our selection of goat meats, goat milk, goat cheeses, and goat-inspired merchandise and gifting options.

Refunds and Returns

Unfortunately, due to the perishable nature of our food products, these are non-refundable.