Windmill Hill walking route

windmill hill

Did you know, there is a fantastic walk to Windmill Hill that you can enjoy right here in Avebury, just a stone’s throw from our farm.

There are a variety of routes, both circular and linear you can take to enjoy a walk up to the top of Windmill Hill, and below we share links to two great ones you can enjoy.

Windmill Hill is under National Trust and English Heritage guardianship and part of the Avebury World Heritage site. A classic example of a Neolithic ’causewayed enclosure’, with three concentric but intermittent ditches, it offers exceptional views across the local landscape including Avebury stone circle and Silbury Hill.

Large quantities of animal bones found here indicate feasting, animal trading or rituals, or perhaps all three.

Click Here for a linear walking route from Berwick Bassett to Avebury via Windmill Hill – 4 miles

Click here for a circular walking route from Avebury village to Windmill Hill and back again – 3.5 miles

Don’t forget to stop in and see us whilst you’re here – we’re just down the road for a warming coffee and refuelling lunch!