Angora Goat mohair socks

Have you ever seen an Angora goat?

Angora goats were only introduced successfully to the British Isles in the 1980s. This ancient breed originated in the Himalayas, as far back as the 14th Century BC.

The goats mohair fibre was prized for its beauty and quality, most certainly clothing our biblical wise men! The goats’ curly fleece, a soft, lustrous and durable fibre, can weigh up to 6 kg, and is sheared twice a year here in the UK.  The amazing properties of Mohair mean it resists the build-up of odour and bacteria, doesn’t itch, and consequently is just perfect for a pair of socks!

Working proudly with a Yorkshire farmer of Angora goats, we are proudly selling British Mohair socks. They beat hands down any cotton or bamboo socks for their environmental footprint, we can’t recommend them more highly! Shop today via our online store for nationwide delivery.