Our Story

In 2017, we began a new chapter at our third-generation family farm in Wiltshire. We started building our herd of Boer goats, purchasing mature does from established pedigree herds. From modest beginnings we grew the herd, learning as we went along.

We are lucky enough to have amazing swathes of beautiful grasslands, sweeping down from the ancient Ridgeway path to the historic village of Avebury, an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Much of it is designated as ancient pastures, which need management for the rare and native grassland species found here. This has presented the perfect opportunity to explore grazing regeneratively with goats.

We began selling our goat meat locally, later teaming up with other struggling British goat farmers during the pandemic to start selling their goat produce alongside our meat at market stalls. We are now a one-stop shop for British goat produce, with our offering including organic goat milk, a range of fabulous goat cheeses from the southwest, soap and skin lotions, plus mohair socks.

Our collaboration with other goat farmers has allowed us to share our farming knowledge, collectively improving our animal husbandry and farm management. Regular meetings allow us to share our successes and challenges, and support each other in this niche world of goat farming.

Today we are home to a herd of 250 Boer goats and employ a fabulous local team of eight people.

goat farming

Our goats

The health and wellbeing of our herd of 250 Boer Goats is at the heart of all that we do on the farm. In nurturing the needs of our breeding does, we can depend on them to rear their young as nature intended. The strong mothering instincts of the doe ensure her kids are never without, and that they thrive suckling their mother’s milk. In rearing our animals, we believe in the importance of family unity and the security this gives the herd. A unique bond develops and we see relationships that depend on one another, creating a sense of calm and contentment.

Our Ethos

For too long, much of Britain has been farmed unsustainably, to the detriment of our wildlife, our environment, and our health. The Gourmet Goat Farmer’s mission is to regenerate the land and restore biodiversity, while putting nutrient dense food back on the British table for our improved health and wellbeing. The humble goat has long been underestimated, and we want to realise the goat’s potential help natural ecosystems thrive. Guided by agroecological principles, our goats are sustainably raised here on our farm in Wiltshire.

holding a goat