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Goat Meat Questions

Historically, the UK has been a sheep farming nation, with a dominating wool industry. While both sheep and goats could be raised for milk and meat, sheep also produced a valuable fleece which made farming them more profitable. Over time, goats became less popular.

Aside from it being delicious, goat meat is a very lean meat and a great source of protein.

Check out our Nutrition page for more information!

Goat meat is versatile and does not have to be slow-cooked or curried as is often believed. Check out our Recipes for inspiration.

Goat meat from The Gourmet Goat Farmer is mild, tender, and incredibly versatile.

Goat meat is often compared to lamb, but it has a slight game-y taste too. Flavour can vary with age and other factors. Older animals cooked “on the bone” bring a slightly deeper flavour, and mature males a more distinguished taste.

Our goat meat is produced on our own farm in Wiltshire. We also work closely with a handful of other family-run farms who occasionally raise goats on our behalf close by. We all use traditional methods of animal husbandry in a natural and biodiverse growing environment, allowing our animals to grow at a natural pace.

While our goat meat is not certified organic, we endeavour to raise our goats as sustainably as possible.

Here at The Gourmet Goat Farmer, we aim to get our goats grazing on the downlands for as much of the year as possible, where they can socialise naturally as part of a herd. Our kids are raised by their mothers until they are weaned. When they need to be indoors, they are fed on a diet of hay and barley-mix, both produced on the farm. We work closely with our vet, a goat specialist, to keep our goats in optimal health with minimal intervention.

You can read more about our ethos here.

Unless specified otherwise, we deliver all of our goat meat frozen.

Yes, you can! We have whole and half goats available on our website. Please be aware that we need a 2-week lead time for these. No skin and no heads.

Unfortunately, due to strict UK legislation, we do not sell goat with the skin on.

Yes, we sell goat heart, kidneys, and liver. You can buy these frozen on our website.

Yes, we do. The minimum order starts at 10kg, plus delivery charge. Please get in touch.

If Halal slaughter is important to you, please get in touch as this can be arranged.

Goat Milk Questions

Our Grazing Goat organic goat milk all comes from a small herd of goats on a neighbouring family farm, and is a seasonal product – with plentiful supply in the summer when the grass is fresh and nutritious, compared to the winter when demand far outstrips production.

During the colder seasons, the availability of this goat milk decreases and it may be out of stock for stretches at a time. We will be updating the online shop when we have it in stock, and it will be available on a first-come-first-served basis. We know this may cause disappointment, but we thank you for your understanding that the seasonal nature of this product is what makes it so special.

Online Orders & Delivery Questions

For orders under £40, the delivery charge is £12.50. This is reduced to £7.50 for orders of £40 and over.

We appreciate that this is slightly higher than other companies, but we pride ourselves in the premium quality of our packaging material. We would hate nothing more than for your order to be spoiled due to poor packaging that doesn’t keep your order at the correct temperature.

Delivery days are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Due to the perishable nature of our product, we can only deliver to mainland UK and postcodes where a next day delivery service is available.

No. Just let us know where you want the box left when you place your order. You can do this in the “Notes” section. We recommend somewhere safe and sheltered, like a porch, shed or garage.

If you prefer, we can deliver it to you at work. Just let us know your preferred delivery address when you place your order.

No, there isn’t. However, purchases of £40 and over can take advantage of the reduced delivery charge.

Currently, you are unable to alter your order online after payment has been taken.

If your order has not arrived, please use the link sent by InExpress to track your order and contact them directly to trace your order.

If you are still having problems after speaking to InExpress, please give us a call or email us.