The Whole or Half Goat Fresh Meat Box

From £180.00

Whole or half a kid fresh meat box filled with a selection of kid meat cuts. Approximate total weights: 8kg for half and 16kg for whole.

The whole or half kid box is by far best value for money at £22.5/kg.



Stock up your fridge with a whole or half a fresh kid goat meat, butchered in a variety of different cuts – perfect for a range of meals any day of the week.

The half kid box typically includes:

  • 1 x Kid leg
  • 1 x Kid shoulder
  • Cutlets or rack
  • Loin chops
  • Breast
  • Neck

Unfortunately we can not supply the offal.

All kid animals are under a year old.

Approximate total weight for the half kid box: 8kg – takes up approx. 4 loaves of bread freezer space!

Approximate total weight for the whole kid box: 16kg – takes up approx. 8 loaves of bread freezer space!


You can order additional items from our shop to build out your box further – simply add them to your basket alongside your Meat Box.

Goat meat preparation top tips:

Loin Chops are best cooked simply to appreciate their tenderness and flavours. Rest the meat for 5-10 minutes, covered on a warm plate to experience its full potential.

Shoulder is best slow-cooked in a little liquid, then covered with foil to ensure minimum moisture is lost, so the meat is moist and succulent when served.

Leg is best cooked as a roasted joint – covered with foil and cooked low and slow in the oven.

The Cutlets can be cooked whole as a roast or cut into 7 individual cutlets and fried, grilled or griddled.